LOUIS VUITTON原单旅行袋LV专柜新品League系列-高仿包包

LOUIS VUITTON原单旅行袋LV专柜新品League系列

LV男包 LOUIS VUITTON顶级原单男士旅行袋专柜新品,N41057,2017 LV League系列,致敬路易威登的往昔与如今。将源自嘉士顿-路易威登私人藏品的经典标签与怀旧学院风格设计相结合。此款时髦的Keepall 45旅行袋轻松收纳一切必备物品,短途旅行的完美伴侣。

【English description】
LV men’s bags LOUIS VUITTON top single men’s travel bags counter new products, N41057, 2017 LV League series, salute the past and present of Louis Vuitton. The classic label from Louis Weedon’s private collection is combined with nostalgia college style design. This fashionable Keepall 45 travel bag easily stores all the essential items, the perfect companion for short trips.