(LV)LOUIS VUITTON原单男士旅行包KEEPALL 45旅行袋-高仿包包


路易威登(LV)LOUIS VUITTON顶级原单男士旅行包最新专柜同步,海外原单,二个尺寸,45CM跟55CM,图为KEEPALL 45 旅行袋(配肩带)M43413此款与日本设计师藤原浩合作设计的KEEPALL 45旅行袋融汇品牌传统元素——Monogram花纹——与充满现代感的精致细节——两道反射性条纹与一道黑色条纹 菱纹镶边 口袋缝线以及彩色Rainbow饰件——兼具时尚与动感风格 随身上机行李尺寸 容量充盈 是出行两 三日的完美伴侣
size 45X27X20CM

【English description】
(LV) LOUIS VUITTON Top Single Men’s Travel Bag, the latest counter synchronization, overseas single, two sizes, 45CM and 55CM, the picture is KEEPALL 45 Travel Bag (with shoulder straps) M43413, this with Japanese designer Fujihara design of KEEPALL 45 Travel Bag blend traditional elements of the brand – Monogram pattern – and full of modern essence Details – two reflective stripes and a black striped diamond-edged pocket stitch and colored Rainbow accessories – size 45X27X20CM is the perfect companion for a two-or-three-day trip with a stylish and dynamic style.