Dior迪奥戴妃包 代购级别!Dior lady 三格真皮手提包-高仿包包

Dior迪奥戴妃包 代购级别!Dior lady 三格真皮手提包

迪奥戴妃包 Dior高仿包包代购级别!Dior lady 三格手提包!我只想说,我这款做的超级好!随便你去市场拿任何一家货!都无法和我匹敌!不管从五金还是皮料,每一个细节都无懈可击!这款包包的特点是皮料很柔软,而且塌塌的感觉的!绝对不是硬挺的版型!五金全是黄铜制作,和专柜一模一样!皮料全部进口回来的!
尺寸:高14cm*长17cm*宽7.5cm 肩带长约113cm 肩带宽约5cm

Dior Diana bag Dior high imitation bag purchasing level! Dior lady three grid! I just want to say that my style is super! Whatever you go to the market to get any one! No match for me! No matter from hardware or leather, every detail is unassailable. The bag is characterized by soft leather and collapsing feeling. It’s not a stiff version. The hardware is made of brass, exactly the same as the counter. All the leather materials are imported back.
Size: high 14cm* long 17cm* width 7.5cm shoulder strap length 113cm shoulder strap width 5cm