N41473路易威登(LV男包)LOUIS VUITTON双肩包Josh双肩包|高仿包包

N41473路易威登(LV男包)LOUIS VUITTON双肩包Josh双肩包

路易威登(LV男包)LOUIS VUITTON新款顶级原单男士双肩包,JOSH双肩包N41473此款全新Josh双肩包拥有清爽的线条与简约的风格,由标志性的Damier格纹帆布搭配精致的牛皮饰边制成。设计小巧而实用,专为充满活力的男性打造。轻质而空间宽敞,此款背包可将物品安放得井井有条、安全无虞、易于取用。尺寸:31 x 42 x 13 cm

【English description】
LOUIS VUITTON New Top Single Men’s Backpack, JOSH Backpack N41473 This brand-new Josh Backpack features refreshing lines and a simple style, made from the iconic Damier Plaid canvas with exquisite leather trim. The design is compact and practical, specially designed for energetic men. Lightweight and spacious, this backpack can be placed in a well-organized, safe and easy to use.
Size: 31 x 42 x 13 cm