LOUIS VUITTON路易威登男鞋LV真皮大底商务正装皮鞋-高仿包包

LOUIS VUITTON路易威登男鞋LV真皮大底商务正装皮鞋

路易威登男鞋 LOUIS VUITTON正装皮鞋,经典之作真皮大底商务皮鞋LV正装皮鞋, 适合出席各种重要场合。代代相传至今的路易威登以卓越品质、杰出创意和精湛工艺成为时尚艺术的象征;
专柜同款极速更新 面料进口牛皮,内里水染牛皮,手工精心制作,上脚舒适,出行驾车的好选择。 Size:38-44

【English description】
LOUIS VUITTON formal leather shoes, the classic leather outsole business shoes LV formal leather shoes, suitable for attending various important occasions. Louis Vuitton, handed down from generation to generation, has become a symbol of fashion art with outstanding quality, outstanding creativity and exquisite craftsmanship.
The same type of fast-changing fabric imported cowhide, inner water dyed cowhide, hand-crafted, comfortable upper feet, a good choice for driving.