Roger Vivier(RV)单鞋18秋冬最新拼色-高仿包包

Roger Vivier(RV)单鞋18秋冬最新拼色

Roger Vivier(RV)单鞋系列18秋冬最新拼色 正品打造 电光蓝一到太古汇 sales就wechat领回來独家定制看似简单款做起来确实不简单,终于知道市场为什么没有人做对版了,没有拆原版根本不了解此款美丽玄机!从楦形腰身、后包立体包脚、鞋头立体定型严格对版!(只有流水线机器工艺大厂才做的出)五金饰扣、内外全体用料所有独家开模定制! 独家開模原版五金饰扣 含0.8%真金!原版锁螺丝请区分市场的打插脚易掉落易氧化五金!(有图片對比)





English description

Roger Vivier (RV) flat sole single shoe series 18 autumn and winter of the latest combination of autumn and winter color genuine to create electro-optic blue to Taikou Hui sales on Wechat back exclusively customized seemingly simple model to do really not easy, finally know why the market is no one to do the right version, did not dismantle the original simply do not understand this beautiful mystery machine! From the last shape waist, the back bag solid package foot, the toe cap stereotype is strict to the edition! (Only the production line machine process factory to do) hardware buttons, internal and external all materials for all the exclusive custom mold! Exclusive model Original Hardware Ornament button contains 0.8% real gold! The original lock screws, please distinguish the market easy to drop easy oxidation hardware! (photo contrast)
Exclusive open mold followed by injection of raw rubber, anti slip and wear resistance.
The original Italy high density genuine leather sole, the original custom custom cow paint, the grain goat skin inside!
(genuine strict color, please distinguish the market is not the right version of color) 35/39 (34, 40 customizable non-return) counter full package!